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The picture of YES Network and Major League Baseball with American people of German descent 1) The Yankees lost Andy Pettite. I couldn’t be chortling louder over this one. Don’t get me wrong; I think Pettite is overrated. He’s good, but not great – pitching for the 1994-2016 Yankees, *I* could have won 100 games, and my fastball topped out around 68-70 even when I was in shape and playing ball... Read More

Broad Street Believers 2009

This line, as odd as it may seem considering his situation every year, hasbeen uttered multiple times by Yankees GM Brian Cashman, in response to various questions ranging from Are you worriedabout how your team is playing heading into the playoffs? to How much do you concern yourself with winning the division if you have already clinched at least awild card? Just get in the tournament, is his line. And, that is what the Phillies, with a win or a Braves loss, will do tonight.

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Much like old occasions Yankees require a

The picture of southpaws teixeira absence and instance john ryan murphy with righty softball bat Apart from Didi Gregroius who was simply in the past awful against lefties most Yankees happen to be dreadful versus. southpaws in Teixeiras absence. Thats why, for instance, John Ryan Murphy was taking grounders in the beginning before Tuesdays game just to find out if the Yanks can place another righty softball bat against lefty... Read More

The Chronic Curmudgeon Every once in a while,

The picture of Major League Baseball and Baseball with Grapefruit League Just when $100 million dollar contracts, $170 million dollar payrolls, bat corkings, steriod scandals, Barry Bonds’ surly personality and insistence on showing up pitchers, Bud Selig, Rally Monkeys, and George Steinbrenner have made you sick of the game and convinced you that – like the other... Read More

Yankees formally need assistance and not simply within the division

The picture of games manager joe girardi and house area advantage with warning flares clue Like this their bullpen, taxed through the beginning pitchers low workload, is fried. Chasen Shreve, this kind of resource the 2009 season, relieved Tanaka within the seventh and surrendered a 2-run homer to pinch-hitter Juan Uribe. Hes quit six runs and nine hits over four innings in the last five looks.

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