Broad Street Believers 2009

This line, as odd as it may seem considering his situation every year, hasbeen uttered multiple times by Yankees GM Brian Cashman, in response to various questions ranging from Are you worriedabout how your team is playing heading into the playoffs? to How much do you concern yourself with winning the division if you have already clinched at least awild card? Just get in the tournament, is his line. And, that is what the Phillies, with a win or a Braves loss, will do tonight.

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From your archives Jesse James rides again

The picture of american league umpire and merit system method with base saturday evening Denkinger is definitely an American League umpire who, with the vagaries from the new non-merit system a method endorsed, incidentally, through the same umpires association that endorsed Richard Nixon being an arbitrator was designated to umpire the planet Series. He was positioned in the... Read More