Did the Preseason Really Matter

The picture of year preseason results and broncos eagles vikings packers As the NFL season is about to begin it is a good time to take a look at this year’s preseason results and decide if they really matter. It has been well documented that last year’s two Super Bowl teams, New England and Carolina went unbeaten in the preseason.... Read More

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The picture of bowl nfl jerseys and footballs nfl store with american football federation championship Super Bowl (Super Bowl) is the National Football League (also known as the National Football League) annual championship cheap nfl jerseys, the winner was known as the “world champion” wholesale nfl jerseys. Super Bowl nfl jerseys wholesale... Read More

Years bill belichick

The picture of years bill belichick and cheating patriot fan boys with video surveillance dial It pays to cheat. The Patriots have now proved it with six Super Bowl trips and four Super Bowl wins in 12 years.

Bill Belichick has horrendously tarnished his reputation, yet again. Truthfully he is a phenomenally brilliant coach. What undermine his true football acumen are SpyGate and DeflateGate. Because of SpyGate, there... Read More

You ain t s t Arians keeping Cardinals Super Bowl dreams grounded

The picture of players coach mathieu and defense honey badgers fitzgerald with bowl bust gang discussion Palmer have been assisted by another thirtysomething, running back Chris Manley, but mostly its Arians fearlessness and offensive genius which makes him a quarterback guru, along with a players coach.

Mathieu is nicknamed Honey Badger, but in reality, its a defense of 11 honey badgers.

Fitzgerald, perhaps the... Read More

The Sports Counselor

The picture of season years age and reasoning alex rodriguez with stories redemption cant I cant explain it. Hes a liar and a cheat, but I am rooting for him to succeed this season. At 40 years of age the deck is well-stacked against him. By all reasoning, Alex Rodriguez should have withering performance and still be hated. However, he is batting .279, with 24 home runs and 63 RBI. Whats more is that off the field he has done... Read More