The Chronic Curmudgeon Random events from the past

The picture of YES Network and Major League Baseball with American people of German descent 1) The Yankees lost Andy Pettite. I couldn’t be chortling louder over this one. Don’t get me wrong; I think Pettite is overrated. He’s good, but not great – pitching for the 1994-2016 Yankees, *I* could have won 100 games, and my fastball topped out around 68-70 even when I was in shape and playing ball... Read More

Wholesale nfl jerseys Player Position

The picture of attack initiator football jerseys and denver broncos peyton with player pittsburgh steelers jerseys Team offensive brain, central cheap authentic nfl jerseys entire attack system, all offensive tactics were communicated to the court by his nfl jerseys wholesale. They are also passing attack initiator football jerseys, accurate long... Read More

The NFL After Championship Weekend 2014

The picture of hand need figure and end zone michael crabtree with end zone sherman I thought this one was going to be extremely close and go down to the wire. I was wrong. The Broncos took the lead early and never looked back. The Denver D played really well, better than I thought they would, they learned from their meeting earlier in the year, and they took it to the Pats. But the real story, at least in the first half, is... Read More

Wwe Professional Wrestling Raw Superstars Trademark Go Of John Cena

The picture of barrett del rio and locker space del rio with corner orton clotheslines It is down to Wade Barrett, Del Rio and Orton. Cena goes about and tells Cole, it is really over. Cena is pissed as he heads back to the locker space. Del Rio and Barrett team up on Orton and defeat him down in the corner. Orton clotheslines them both equally and powerslams Barrett. Backbreaker for Del Rio. Orton eradicates Barrett. Del Rio... Read More

Heisman candidate matt barkley

The picture of heisman candidate matt barkley and football team fans aren with man kiffins record Even with the talent of Marqise Lee, Robert Woods and early Heisman candidate Matt Barkley at the helm, the USC Trojans finished 7-5 overall (5-4 Pac 12) after starting off as the number one ranked football team. Fans aren’t happy with head coach Lane Kiffins... Read More

The Same Old Notre Dame in Week #1

The picture of week loss byu and story notre dame with post game quotes Before the season began, the talk was about the Irish regaining their swagger and that Willingham’s 5-7 record last year was an aberration. After the week #1 loss at BYU, it could be that the Irish are just not that good any more.

It’s the same old story at Notre Dame. After losing to BYU you heard... Read More