5 steps to the Leafs off

The picture of years entry draft and toronto sports fan with nhl entry draft step With the painful conclusion of the Leafs season set for tonight, its a relief to fans and management that the buds are about to finish the year at best second last giving them at least a 13.5% chance at obtaining the 1st overall pick in this years entry draft.

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The Small Town Kid That is Changing the Culture of Detroit Hockey

The picture of hockey dylan shined and knockout round competition with ahl farm team Now its time for the World Junior Hockey Championships, and Larkin is chosen to represent the U.S., along with all the other young stars who were representing their home countries we already knew about, McDavid, Eichel, Domi, and Strome, all had already been established as the next superstars in the NHL. People never wanted to doubt Larkin, and... Read More

A Man s Home on the Internet Blog Archive 16 Things I Learned About the 2011 NHL Winter Classic

The picture of years day didnt and week hbo documentary with playoff game fact New Years Day didnt usually mean much to me as a sports fan growing up. I never followed college football so I could care less about whatever bowls were being played (I still couldnt name them) and unless the day fell on a Sunday or the Bruins were playing, my TV was probably not tuned into... Read More

Options for the Leafs in net

This Leafs season could not have gone any better for the new Leafs regime, they traded away big contracts for fair value, they brought in several players on show me deals and were able to trade them for future assets, they built a winning culture with a losing teamand oh yeahthey won thewon the damn draftlottery, I still cant actually believe it.

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After brutal split, Rangers goalkeeper returns to Chicago because the enemy

The picture of feelings antti raanta and wednesday evening chicago with stanley cup title Playing areas of the final 2 yrs using the Blackhawks, Raanta carried out well, recording b .936 save percentage in 14 regular season games last season. Two seasons ago, in 25 games, he published b .897 percentage.

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A Man s Home on the Internet Blog Archive Baxter Bleeds Black Gold (6 23 10)

So I was going to write this all in parts, breaking everything down slowly and deliberately, coming to fruition Friday before the draft. But since the founding DT boys are going to get their rocks off on The Strip, Im going to cram everything in here. I am going to focus on the roster and the Bruins needs to try and keep this focused, but overall well see what happens I dont have much of a plan. Lets start with the big news from yesterday:

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