Dodgers Game 3 starter set to manage Harvey and send sarcastic tweets

The picture of game victim degrom and deal inches anderson with course rains snows something He may have ought to overall stuff as he was 17, 18 injuries. But hes learned how you can pitch much better,Inches stated Clayton Kershaw, the overall game 1 victim of deGrom along with a teammate of Anderson on the national senior high school team. His sinker really separated him. He didnt obtain that as he was more youthful. As... Read More

Did the Dodgers outsmart themselves out of the title

The picture of mattingly states andre ethier and greinke somebody somebody with right front office But Thursday evening it unsuccessful, and unsuccessful so totally, it simply may have ended their season.

I think we all know on the hit the catchers going and Zacks going home, however with the walk

Yeah, maybe they didnt consider what related to the walk.

Don Mattingly states Andre Ethier was yelling about... Read More

Dodgers mid season review The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The picture of vicente padilla opening day and ball pitch count As a Dodger fan where do I even begin to try and understand this team? This first half of the season has given us one thing to expect, and that is nothing. With off field shenanigans, a weak pitching staff, and a bunch of rising talent I guess you really cant predict anything. With that being said lets look over the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Unless you... Read More

Uncle Bill s Daily Rant 1.5

The picture of course angela stanford doesn and american women inability with tournaments michele wie Of course Angela Stanford doesnt like answering questions at the LPGA Sybase Match Play about the American womens inability to win. America women have won only once in the last 26 tournaments. Michele Wie was the last American to win. Unfortunately, she chokes or putts like a chimp every week. The girl everybody thought would... Read More