All Star breakdown American League

The picture of Baseball and Boston Red Sox players with New York Yankees players With the All Star game write around the corner, the roster is shaping up. The top vote getters so far are Alex Rodriguez at 3B and Derek Jeter at SS. As of now, there are only around 10,000 votes separating them from number 1 honors. Alex Rodriguez leads it, but barely. Also, Ortiz is also in the mix, just 40,000 or so behind. Lets begin the... Read More

A Man s Home on the Internet 2011

The picture of kids school year and sox opening day baseball with terrence manns speech Today is a great day in every kids school year. The fact that its a snow day here and a lot of kids got the day off just makes it even better. Is there anything really better or more American than Red Sox Opening Day.

Baseball in and of itself is a great institution. Just listen to... Read More