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The picture of right center joba chamberlains and end bard strikes with balls jon lesters Thatll be all for the Chestnuts Live Blog, folks! Im headin on the road down to RI for the evening. Enjoy the rest of the game!

Top 8th: Logan does his job, as he gets Ortiz to fly out to right-center. Joba Chamberlains coming in now.

End 7th: Bard strikes out Swisher on... Read More

Angels rallying cry next year Remember Game No. 161

The picture of future manager mike scioscia and weaver mph fastball with year uniforms armbands Talk shows will start prattling on soon about the future of Manager Mike Scioscia, about Weavers 80 mph fastball, about all the things for which talk shows exist.

The Angels should get armbands for next years uniforms. Armbands dont have to be just for honoring the deceased.... Read More

Fearless Ken Griffey Jr

The picture of randy johnson fastball feat and centerfield wall ken griffey with foot wall marker Theres video of this. In May 1995, a Minnesota Twin hitter got around on a Randy Johnson fastball a feat unto itself and launched it toward the centerfield wall. Ken Griffey Jr. must have been playing shallow centerfield that day because when he finally comes into the frame hes in a dead sprint toward the 380-foot wall marker at... Read More