Get Ready With Discount Fishing Gear

The picture of discount fishing gear and internet discount fishing gear with fishing rod flexibility Angling is a beloved passion of many. People of every age group can go sport fishing and is a good method for parents to hang out with their kids and have them out of doors having a good time. It is the best way to get outside in the outdoors and have fun ,... Read More

Top Fishing Companies In The World 2013

The picture of loomis rod blanks and shimano fishing rods with product shimano power We come to the top spot and their should never have been ANY DOUBT about which company would be number one. Shimano is on its own planet when it comes to designing and producing fishing gear. There was one other company that was competing with them for fishing rods and they bought them (G. Loomis). Now Shimano rods are being built on G. Loomis... Read More

Fishing Equipment Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Revo Baitcasting Fishing Reel Summary

The picture of fishing reel ive and aluminium frame ive with carbonmatrix drag system Whether youre a beginner or a seasoned fisherman, choosing your fishing tackle is a highly individualised process. For UK sportsmen, the type of rod depends on the type of fish and other critical factors. Heres some information that will help you make an informed decision.

Opting for... Read More

Coarse Fishing Tackle FTD ISIS 4000 Fixed Spool Fishing Reel Review

The picture of quality fishing fishing reel and fishing reel addition with ftd series products Numerous coarse fishing anglers have their best liked products of tackle. Coarse fishing tackle might be is some ways particular, so those who practice it tend to keep using the gear and tackle that are most effective for them. In the event you are one of these anglers, we... Read More

Fishing Tackle Australia

The picture of equipment fishing rod and baitcasting fishing reels with light weight monofilament line Every person knows principle angling equipment: fishing rod and reel. Nevertheless they will not be aware that different kinds bring various variations. Spinning fishing reels have a very different structure from baitcasting fishing reels for the... Read More

Hundreds yards pound monofilament

The picture of hundreds yards pound monofilament and saltwater fishing experience with reel penn fishing reels Surf fishing can wear you down with the bulky equipment that has become the norm. Many surf anglers elect to use large rods (10 feet or longer) and stout spinning reels with a variety of live and dead bait. Reels that hold hundreds of yards of... Read More