Heartlander Abroad Reelfoot Lake, TN

Alright, I know Reelfoot really isnt very abroad, but Im leaning towards moving the name of this article to Heartlander Abroad full-time, and with a small donation from every reader I may be able to fund being constantly abroad!

Being on the road a lot has its pros and cons, and one of those cons is not fishing my home lake in the northwest corner of Tennessee. Reelfoot Lake had a tough year for white crappie in 2016, and a lot of anglers had difficulty catching fish. What people have... Read More

Blowout mark murakami

Finally, spring is upon us. I fished in a short sleeved shirt for a while on Saturday, and it was just as good as I remember it! It was just in time too, I was trying to secure funding for a trip to Punxsutawney, where I intended to run a water hose down a groundhog hole and stand at the other end with a shotgun! Just because the weather warmed up though doesnt necessarily mean the fishing got better, at least not for us.

Now Chippy and I had our own fish to find for a local tournament... Read More

Reelfoot crappie club

I have always felt that when fishing a tournament, or even just fishing, that my chances of having a successful day are severely decreased by beautiful weather. I know its counterintuitive to what your everyday fisherman thinks, and Im not sure if its the high pressure that often accompanies bluebird days, or if its just in my head, but once again this past Saturday, my theory held true. A bad day of fishing may beat a good day at work, but I think at least some consideration to the extent of... Read More

Cold water crappie bite heats up

The guns are cleaned, oiled, and locked up in the safe until September, which means its time to drag that wad of poles out and begin the monumental task of untangling and respooling in preparation for fishing season. If you are without a large shop and the next polar vortex is looming, this generally takes place in the living room, much to the joy of your spouse. How long is this going to take? is always the question I receive from my wife, and knowing the answer has been difficult up until... Read More

Heartlander Abroad Lake D arbonne, LA

I always figured Id end up on a stage in LA, and this past weekend it came to fruition. Of course the big city lights were replaced by sunrises and sunsets, the movie stars were instead friendly Cajuns, and Santa Monica Boulevard was a cypress laden bayou. Northern Louisiana is home to one of, if not the best, crappie fishing lakes Ive ever visited.

Lake Darbonne is reminiscent of Reelfoot in that it is full of stumps, but where it varies is the bottom contours and channels, among... Read More

Tourney season carl

There is no tougher time of the year to be an outdoors writer than now! The fishing reports are few and far between, (and lackluster for the most part) and there is nothing to hunt. The Mississippi River, generally my saving grace this time of year, is high and full of debris, making the jugging and drift fishing difficult. But alas, I am obligated to deliver 700 words of at least mildly entertaining outdoors news per week, so Ill try not to disappoint!

I picked up my boat Sunday, and... Read More