Scouting set of the Cubs Inside 5 secrets to Mets NLCS

The picture of career hits arrieta story and season couple degrom with majors curtis granderson He hit .353 within the final 44 games, a indication that though hes just still 25, he already has 991 career hits.

Arrietas story has become well-known a disappointment in Baltimore, hes remade themself right into a No. 1 starter in Chicago by returning to tossing across his body, creating a killer cutter and attaining greater... Read More

The Loveable Loser

The picture of king baseball albert pujols and bullpen isn completly with year roberto novoa Well folks, the Cubbies have had a pretty decent weekend, considering they have taken two from the St. Louis Cardinals. The first game we won in a dramatic 14 inning game with Juan Pierre scoring the game winning run. Though the last two or three innings of the game were pretty... Read More


The picture of Major League Baseball and Baseball with Toronto Blue Jays players I’m very, very sleepy. I’ve been up since 6 am today – it takes 30 minutes to drive to Tim’s, and I needed to stop and pick up some donuts and breakfast stuff. So complete sentences may not be so easy to come by right now… sorry if you expect that in your downtime reading. Anyway, the good news is, for the first time... Read More

Broad Street Believers 2009

This line, as odd as it may seem considering his situation every year, hasbeen uttered multiple times by Yankees GM Brian Cashman, in response to various questions ranging from Are you worriedabout how your team is playing heading into the playoffs? to How much do you concern yourself with winning the division if you have already clinched at least awild card? Just get in the tournament, is his line. And, that is what the Phillies, with a win or a Braves loss, will do tonight.

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Dodgers mid season review The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The picture of vicente padilla opening day and ball pitch count As a Dodger fan where do I even begin to try and understand this team? This first half of the season has given us one thing to expect, and that is nothing. With off field shenanigans, a weak pitching staff, and a bunch of rising talent I guess you really cant predict anything. With that being said lets look over the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Unless you... Read More

Uncle Bill s Daily Rant 1.5

The picture of course angela stanford doesn and american women inability with tournaments michele wie Of course Angela Stanford doesnt like answering questions at the LPGA Sybase Match Play about the American womens inability to win. America women have won only once in the last 26 tournaments. Michele Wie was the last American to win. Unfortunately, she chokes or putts like a chimp every week. The girl everybody thought would... Read More