Benefits tweeting gathering

The picture of benefits tweeting gathering and minute ive idea with webb doesnt book My early thoughts were that we had got to stick it to them. Pardew gets up my nose. And Webb in the middle of the park? Curses.

But what you may not know, dear reader, is that Cesc was in the stands watching the game. (One of the major benefits of tweeting is gathering all sorts of information. This is one such example!) What was he... Read More

Struggles Continue for Liverpool

The picture of west ham saturday and defeat upton park with title race credentials After a disappointing defeat at home against Aston Villa just over a week ago, many were expecting Liverpool to bounce back with a win against West Ham on Saturday. Sadly for the club, and the fans, this was not the case. They in fact, suffered a 3-1 defeat at Upton Park and this has certainly put their title race credentials up for debate. After... Read More

The values of the political

The picture of iron gate panels and football irish gaelic with positions american football There are phases, especially beautiful, penetrating power, combinations, exceptions, transformations, angles, complex, many moments when I regret that you do not build the need for such games, because 80 minutes of intense effort, as he gave the players assumes the physical condition exception. Personally, I played too few times, and each... Read More

Street Footballers

The picture of houses wavertree liverpool and day day basis kids with organise games anything When I was a kid, I lived in a small street of terraced houses in Wavertree, Liverpool. There was about four or five other lads around the same age as me. I was football mad when I was a kid, as I am now, and was delighted that my mates were like-minded. We would come home... Read More

Philippe Coutinho

The picture of shoulder injury brazilian and maker philippe coutinho with return luis suarez After three consecutive 1-0 wins, a trip to Swansea had Liverpool sitting on 9 points and in the top four of the Premier League. However, after that hard fought 2-2 draw against The Swans, a nasty shoulder injury to Brazilian play maker Philippe Coutinho had many fans fearing... Read More