The NFL After Championship Weekend 2014

The picture of hand need figure and end zone michael crabtree with end zone sherman I thought this one was going to be extremely close and go down to the wire. I was wrong. The Broncos took the lead early and never looked back. The Denver D played really well, better than I thought they would, they learned from their meeting earlier in the year, and they took it to the Pats. But the real story, at least in the first half, is... Read More

Heisman candidate matt barkley

The picture of heisman candidate matt barkley and football team fans aren with man kiffins record Even with the talent of Marqise Lee, Robert Woods and early Heisman candidate Matt Barkley at the helm, the USC Trojans finished 7-5 overall (5-4 Pac 12) after starting off as the number one ranked football team. Fans aren’t happy with head coach Lane Kiffins... Read More

The Same Old Notre Dame in Week #1

The picture of week loss byu and story notre dame with post game quotes Before the season began, the talk was about the Irish regaining their swagger and that Willingham’s 5-7 record last year was an aberration. After the week #1 loss at BYU, it could be that the Irish are just not that good any more.

It’s the same old story at Notre Dame. After losing to BYU you heard... Read More

Season predictions jets

The picture of season predictions jets and stephen hill yard with brain system mark sanchez Speechless. Utterly speechless. Only way to describe how we felt after Sundays dominant performance. What you were expecting us to borrow a line from Shaq and ask all of the Jets critics to “tell me how my ass tastes”?

For the 12 people who have been following our off-season predictions of Jets offensive success under... Read More

Style wayne hunter

The picture of style wayne hunter and jason smith exchange with pound roots couldn After a long off season its finally time to kick off the 2016 season and we couldn’t be more excited. The last time we checked there was a 0.00000% chance that Brian Schottenheimer would be calling plays for the Jets this Sunday, so despite a TD starved pre-season we are 951 times more confident in the Jets 2016 offense. And yes 951 happens... Read More

New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Recap A Brawl Ensues

The picture of team quinton coples and titans quarterback jake locker with force takeaway threeconsecutive games The Jets have been good at one thing this year, and that is letting their fans down. They lost so often that Jets fans were hoping theyd lose enough to secure a top three pick in the draft, but with a win on Sunday, that looks... Read More