2009 Slapstick Analysis!

The picture of steve austin feud and company cruise control with head writer storylines I began watching professional wrestling in the summer of 1998, just a week or two after the historic Bill Goldberg vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan championship match from Atlanta, GA on Monday Nitro. After a few months, it was obvious that the then WWF product was far superior to WCW, and I became a long-time WWF (now WWE) fan. At that time, the... Read More

Official nfl awards

The picture of official nfl awards and writers sports anarchy with mike salvatore nick peralta The 2016 NFL regular season has officially come to an end. With the end of the season, comes the long-awaited playoffs, as well as the awards. Before the official 2016-2016 NFL awards are give out, the writers of Sports of Anarchy, which consist of Mike Salvatore, Nick... Read More

Bills backup thad lewis

The picture of bills backup thad lewis and reception josh gordon with victory sam bradford The Bengals led 24 10 at the end of the third quarter behind 3 TD passes from Andy Dalton. But Bills backup QB Thad Lewis threw 2 TD passes in the 4th quarter to tie the game and send it into OT. The Bengals ultimately won the game but, again, they struggled to win a game they should have easily won.

Matthew Stafford threw 4 TD... Read More

Nfc title game romo

The picture of nfc title game romo and robert griffin iii with orleans saints defense. WWL #1-The New York Giants set their eyes on not being the first defending Super Bowl Champion to lose their season opener since 1999. Howd that go? Not so well. The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo sought revenge from last season loss in the NFC title game. Romo and DeMarco Murray carried the Cowboys to a 24-7 victory last Wednesday.

WWL... Read More

The NFL After the Divisional Playoff Round 2014

The picture of seahawks offense seattle and street yard brawl with year cam newton This was a really good game and could have been better were it not for Drew Brees making a horrible pass for a pick 6 early in the game and Marques Colston panicking and making a real bad play to end the game. The Saints D was up to the task, for the most part, but it took Brees and Co a while to get going and by then it was too little, too late.... Read More

A Man s Home on the Internet Blog Archive Behind The Hoodie (12 3 10 Edition)

The picture of san diego type games and ravens steelers colts with yards team team Win. Just win. That has to be the mantra going into Monday night. The proverbial Fate lies within your own hands could not ring more true for this game. In years past, we have always looked to the Indy, Steelers and San Diego type games as make or break but to have that type of game lie within your... Read More