Do s and Don ts of Finals Week

The picture of time dont stress DO GET PLENTY OF SLEEP!! Itis very important that you are well rested. I know we are all guilty of staying up late, binge watching Netflix until the early hours of the morning and then have to get up for our 8am class and completely regret staying up that late. Trust me, Ive been there. Making sure you get a lot of Read More

Ice Cream and Birthday Cake

The picture of birthday slumber parties and slumber party doesnt sound with idea slumber party I signed up for the triathlon and then the kids planned their birthday slumber parties. Yes, thats plural. Since Max and Lucy are twins and I made them share my belly and all _ and since they are 5th graders now, weve decided that even though slumber party doesnt sound like a really great idea, slumber party for boy/girl twins sounds... Read More

Best Natural Fertilizer For Bamboo

The picture of Fertilizer and Bamboo with Run I used it on my scalp after radiation for brain cancer based on the nurses advice. Some people suggest using molasses but in my opinion this stuff works the best.. run good not to nozey.

Best Natural Fertilizer For Bamboo at my worst I would consume 1.2-1.5 grams of caffeine a day until I decided I had to stop. I recommend reading Tim Challies Blue Like Jazz book review if... Read More

National Football League, Get Your Super Bowl Head Covers

The picture of types golf bag and market golf bags with clothing golf balls umbrella Golf BagsToday various types of golf bag are available in the market. Golf Bags are utilized to carry a player’s clubs, spare clothing, golf balls, umbrella and the various miscellaneous items required when playing a round of golf. Bags come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Golf bags... Read More

2013 22 Ratio Trading Mentor

If you follow my page on Facebook then youll notice I shared an article this afternoon titled The exact color to paint your office to become the most productive. Im essentially off from coaching next week which gives me a lot of spare time to start getting the new house and most importantly my new home office set up. The question that Ive been asking myself all week is what color? This article shared some interesting information on which colors represent what.

Shades of blue are... Read More