Cogitations of a Blonde, a Mexican, and a Twelve

The picture of end daylight savings timeand and runner ear muffs with highschool scarier night I just came back from an epic run. for me, at this point in my life, an epic run = approximately five miles. before you scoff at calling a five mile run epic, know i have come a long way. from thinking even the idea of running is pointless torture to my first foray into the... Read More

Cogitations of a Blonde, a Mexican, and a Twelve

So there i was, dangling from a precipice by a ponderosa pine branch. (i knew it was a ponderosa pine because of P for puzzle piece bark and because the needles were in groups of three which makes a Y for yellow pinewhich ponderosa is.) right. so that didnt happen. but check out my sweet tree id techniques. still got it, baby. my favorite is for white fir tree bark which looks like coals in a fire (made that one up myself. every once in a while in my park ranger days someone would actually... Read More

Eddie Izzard gives his support to 30,000 miles around the world in a wheelchair

Eddie Izzard went for a run once, a very, very long run. In 2009 he set off from London to run around the UK in aid of Sport Relief. Heran 43 marathons in 51 days, at least 27 miles each day, 6 days a week for 7 weeks straight, covering 1132.5 miles (When youve already run 1132 miles, that last half mile is pretty important). When I found out hed be practically running past my house I decided to head out to join him for a while on my handcycle.

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Baby diaries isnt

Another missed week, oops! Life is getting in the way of blogging (isnt it always the way?!) that and the fact that the weeks speed by so quickly, I think being a day or so late in posting my baby diaries isnt so bad and then before I know it, another week has gone, argh! Anyway, another joint entry in the baby diaries, here are weeks 21 and 22:

The picture of baby...  <a id=Read More

How to reach hight produce football in the discover

The picture of aaron brooks desires and balance parcells building with player whos mind The exact scribble is finally over, no cost business, for most intents and also intentions.One more, as well as more purpose, often the OTAs have found imply a lot more not only to the team associated, and yet that will human being experts. There are several organizations to the nfl this... Read More

More Than 20,000 North East Children Have Kept Fit Through Kids Asv

The picture of fluid transfer power and energy industry kids asv with offer children access Since its launch in 2016, more than 20,000 children across the North East of Scotland have benefitted from [email protected], an Aberdeen Sports Village initiative developed to provide a unique sporting opportunity for local children.

Thanks to its sponsor Hydrasun, a leading specialist provider of integrated fluid transfer, power and... Read More